10 Most Popular Winter Drinks in Pakistan

What are some most popular winter drinks in Pakistan? With the winter being coming around soon, it is common for people to prep up with warm clothing, shawls and other winter wear. As season changes so does the food. The diet consumed in Winters is largely based on such foods which help us to keep warm. For this reason, below are top 10 most popular winter drinks which are commonly used by Pakistani.

Warm Chai

Popular Winter Drinks in Pakistan

If you are addicted to warm beverages such as tea, this cafe is easier to make and will keep you warm for long. All you will need to do for this is use crushed spices like cinnamon sticks and ginger and bring it to boil. Then add tea bags and let your tea steep for about 10 minutes. Once done, it is ready for you to drink. Remember, serve hot.

Warm Cider

Popular Winter Drinks in Pakistan

For this you will need to simmer apple cider with mulling spices, ginger and orange zest. This will turn out to be a drink which is as good as the smells that arise out of it.

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Hot Cocoa

Popular Winter Drinks in Pakistan

When winter is around you need drinks which will keep you warm and cozy. For this one, grind some chiptotle and cinnamon to make your drink even more glamorous.


Most Popular Winter Drinks

Preferred by many and easy to make, this is a pure blender mix and will not waste your time. Your drink will be ready in a hassle free manner. So if you need to keep warm and do not want to mess up your kitchen, try the Eggnog this winter.

Cocoa and Toasted Marshmallows

Popular Winter Drinks

Winter makes you more hungry so why not top up your hot cocoa with a few pieces marshmallow. Toast the marshmallow a little and then add it to your drink to enhance the flavor like no other.

Hot Cocoa Float

Popular Winter Drinks

One way to add flavor to your hot cocoa is to spice it up with some mint ice cream. All you need is one scoop of mint ice cream and it will turn your plain drink into a winter dessert which you will love most.

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Magic Cocoa for the Kids

Popular Winter Drinks

When the adults are having their version of the cocoa why should the kids be left behind. For this you will need a hot cup of milk and some chocolate chips and cocoa candy melts. Add these to the milk and stir it up well. Give your child this treat when the winter is in full swing.


Popular Winter Drinks

An Arabian drink, the Qahwa is highly popular in Pakistani especially among the Pakhtuns. It is basically the extracts of a herb and may be used for medicinal purposes. Qahwa is usually consumed after meals.

Kashmiri Chai

Popular Winter Drinks

Although pink in color, this drink is rich in dry fruits such as pistachios. For winter weddings, this is an ideal hot beverage which is commonly consumed in Pakistan.

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Doodh Pati Chai

Popular Winter Drinks in Pakistan
Doodh Pati Chai, also known as Peshawari Chai; in which milk, together with sugar, is boiled with tea. This milk-based tea is quite common in South Asia. It is costlier than regular tea, which is only water-based.

What is the most popular drink in Pakistan?
Tea or chai is the most popular drink in Pakistan.

Which is Pakistani cold drink?
Pakola, derived from Pakistan-Cola is Pakistani drink.

What type of drink do we prefer in winter?
Masala Chai or hot qawa.

What is the traditional drink of Pakistan?
Chai is the traditional drink of Pakistan.

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